Saturday, October 24, 2009

Secrets Silversands Spa and Resort Review Summary

Time flew on this trip. I spent most of day 3 relaxing on the beach listening to the calm lapping of the Caribbean waves under the shade of a palm tree. I want to go back and comment again on the beach. Quite a few people have commented on the beach conditions that I mentioned in the day 2 summary. I took a few moments and walked down the beach on this day to see the conditions of some of the adjacent resorts. Not only were they just as saturated with seaweed and somewhat rocky sand, they had much fewer palm trees. Secrets Silversands has one of the prettiest beaches (photogenic) you will ever see. It is lined with palm trees which is one thing I look forward to seeing when I visit the Caribbean. So while it may not be conducive to playing in the water, it is a wonderful place to lounge and relax under the shade of a palm.

This resort gets an A+ when it comes to its outdoor areas. Silversands has an abundance of pools. If you like more of an active pool scene, they have a main pool with a swim up bar which is also the pool that the wonderful staff engages the crowd in afternoon games and exercises. If you want a pool where you can sit and take a view of the Caribbean as well, they have one amazing infinity pool where you can swim out to the edge and stare at the beautiful turquoise sea. If you are wanting a place to relax by the pool, read a good book in peace and quiet, there are several pool areas made just for you. The pools were absolutely beautiful.

I was also able to work out twice in the resort's gym and again I was quite pleased. They had adequate equipment with a good mix of machine and free weights. The gym also had a shower in the men's and women's restrooms in case you wanted to clean up before heading back to your room.

After a day full of relaxing it was time to decide on the last dinner spot of the trip. Since this trip was only 3 days, I would be unable to eat at every dinner venue so my choice was between the Italian (Portofino), the Mediterranean (Ratatouille) and the French (Bordeaux). After looking at the menus, I decided on the French. The food here at Bordeaux was fantastic. I started with a venison consomme and then opted for the filet mignon for my main. Then I finished the meal with a traditional French apple tartin. Food again was well prepared and beautifully presented and the service "excellente!" This would be my top choice for a romantic meal and evening. Bravo Bordeaux!

The night was capped off with taking in another show which was comprised of local dancers who took the audience on a tour of Mexico through traditional song and dance. This was by far my favorite show of the trip. The costumes were colorful and exquisite and their talent was superb.

Every night as well, the resort has live music near the main lobby bar which I enjoyed just sitting and listening to some of my favorite jazz classics being played.

So in summary...the resort gets a huge thumbs up from me. The staff was very courteous and friendly and always greeted you with an "hola" as you passed by. The restaurant service was fast and very knowledgeable of the dishes being served. I give all of the staff an "A+." The room was great and in an excellent location. The modern decor may be a turn off for some travelers, but I found it simple yet elegant. Food again overall gets a "A" from me as far as the dinner venues are concerned.

It is a resort specifically suited for couples. The restaurant decor is tailored towards romance with lots of heart shaped items and rose or red colored lights which are dimly lit to set the mood. This may not be my first choice for adult family gatherings, but it is perfect for a special couple getaway or celebratory event like a honeymoon or anniversary.

If you are interested in seeing more photos of this resort, please click on this link and you will be directed to my Flickr account.

Please feel free to ask any specific questions about this resort or add your own comments.

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Going in June 2014. Everyone is pretty negative on the beach. Can one swim in it?