Thursday, November 11, 2010

Accidents Do Happen

You know the old adage “we are all human”? is amazing how quickly we chuck that idea aside anytime someone makes a mistake or when things don’t go exactly as we planned. 

The latest cruise crisis aboard the Carnival Splendor will go to prove that it does not matter what someone does or tries to do to right a wrong, it will never ever be enough for some people.  Some people will decide that this is the end of their cruise vacations forever based on what has transpired over the past week.  That is a knee-jerk reaction to what is accident.  Angry travelers will lose site of those crew members who worked tirelessly and fearlessly to put out the fire.  They will lose site of those crew members who had to work without any sleep at all so that necessities such as plumbing could come back online.  Others will never comprehend the massive coordination that it took to get the navy involved so that certain items could be airlifted aboard.

Nope...some will just blame an accident on the company and the crew and spew all sorts of venom towards those who did everything in their power to get them back into a port safely.

I am not here to simply be a fan of Carnival. In fact, as I type this, we are getting ready to embark on our very first Carnival cruise in less than 3 days.  I am simply a fan of those who do their job when a crisis or accident strikes and I applaud the Carnival organization and the crew of the Splendor for getting everyone back into a port safe and sound.  I know some will discount what Carnival has offered them and say it is simply not enough, but trust me, they are doing what they can do in light if what has happened. 

Do any of us claim that we will never take a vacation that involves driving across country when we are delayed or involved in a large traffic accident?  Do any of us claim we will never ever fly again when we hear of an aircraft that had to be diverted due to mechanical failure? Think about that if you are one who is looking at this accident as a reason why you will never consider a cruise vacation or consider sailing with a certain cruise line.

Those are just some thoughts I wanted to share.