Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Secrets Silversands Spa and Resort Review--Day 1

Couldn’t have asked for things to go any smoother as far as logistics to get to from the airport to the resort. Plane landed early…got through customs fairly easily and walked outside and was greeted immediately by the U.S.A. Transfers representative. Within 10 minutes I was on my private shuttle and on the way to Secrets Silversands Spa and Resort. Manuel has been with U.S.A. Transfers for 2 years now and his service was A+.

The hotel staff greeted me as I walked in and I was surprised to learn that I had been upgraded to the preferred club. Preferred Club guests get escorted to a private lounge where you check in and have access to your own beverage bar, TV lounge and internet computer center with unlimited internet access.

I will give the resort and the transfer company huge props for going above and beyond. As soon as we started walking over to the Preferred Club area, I realized that I had left my sunglasses in the seat of the transfer van. I let the resort representative know and she called our transfer company for me to let them know that I had left an item in the van. To be honest…I had written the sunglasses off. I had a feeling I would never see my "Maui Jims" again. But before we left the Preferred Club check in area, I was told that the sunglasses were on their way and then within 10 minutes they were already at the concierge desk of the resort.

That level of service stands out in this day and age and I am becoming a quick fan of Secrets Silversands.

The dinner choice the first night was “The Patio” which is Silversands Mexican cuisine restaurant. The food was excellent and leans more towards what you will find in the region of Mexico including fresh fish, grilled chicken and steak. Eduardo or “Brad Pitt,” as he preferred to be called, was our server and did a wonderful job. We were served quickly and the food was well prepared.

First night’s entertainment was a mixture of juggling and acrobatics and left a little to be desired. I have found cruise entertainment better choreographed than what they had put together, so I give it a "C-" as far as grade goes.

This pretty much wraps up day 1. Stay tuned as I continue to blog live from Cancun.

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