Saturday, September 13, 2014

Luxury Destination Spotlight: Costa Rica

Again I feel it is my duty to get people to think outside the box when it comes to luxury travel destinations.  As I stated in my post related to Mexico, too many travelers only associate luxury travel with destinations such as Paris, Florence, Antigua, St Lucia etc.  As is the case with Mexico, seldom do you also hear travelers say the words luxury and Costa Rica in the same sentence.  Maybe that is because so many view Costa Rica only as a destination suited for the young, adventuresome traveler. While Costa Rica is haven for adventurists and naturists, it offers a plethora of options for the luxury-minded traveler as well.

First...let's clarify a few things about Costa Rica.  It is NOT an island.  It is adjacent to both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, but it is also bordered by land to the south and to the north.  It's citizens speak Spanish and their currency is the Colon which is named after Christopher Columbus. It is a democratically governed Country, NOT socialist.  And it has more teachers than it does police officers if that tells you anything about safety and crime rates.

As is the case with Mexico, Costa Rica is easily connected by numerous major airports here in the US.  Since it is located in the central time zone, travelers will not have to deal with major time change issues whether arriving from the east or the west.

So there is really nothing keeping travelers from visiting this incredible country except for the perception of what the destination has to offer.  So let's get to what it does offer besides zip-lining, river rafting, waterfall repelling etc.  Again, what does the luxury traveler want from a destination? They want comfort, unique experiences, ease of transportation, and excellent dining choices.  We know Costa Rica offers unique experiences in the way of eco-tour opportunities.  Rainforest canopy tours are numerous.  But there is more to see and do.  Costa Rican art is unique and beautiful and can be explored in the historic capital city of San Jose.  Some of my favorite coffee comes from rich soil of Costa Rica.  So for you coffee connoisseurs, how about a tour of an actual coffee bean farm in Monteverde?  Or if pampering is what you want, Costa Rica has some of the best spa resorts in all of the world.  

But let's get down to the resorts themselves.  This is where Costa Rica truly shines as a luxury destination.  Not only can you experience unique activities away from the resort, but your resort can be a unique experience coupled with the pampering and service you would expect at a 5 star property.

For example...where else in the world can you reserve a private villa at a resort that is only accessible by raft?  Or a resort where you zip-line to your room or dinner spot? That is what the Pacuare Lodge offers.

I mentioned pampering so picture yourself soothing the cares of life away in one of the hot springs located at the Tabacon Grand Spa Resort.

Want more privacy?  Treat yourself to a private villa up in the beautiful cloud forest at El Silencio Lodge and Spa.

All three of these resorts highlight a unique experience while not compromising at all in the area of luxury.  They show the diversity of Costa Rica.  So are you tired of only hearing about the same ole same ole when someone talks about luxury travel?  Want a destination that is a bit "off-grid" without having to sacrifice comforts that you still want on a vacation?  Think Costa Rica...