Monday, July 18, 2011

The Vacation Countdown

Are you one of those people that, as soon as you have your vacation plans and details all laid out and finalized, you begin the exciting process of counting down the days until you leave? If you are, then you are in the company of so many others that do the very same thing including my wife and I.

The vacation countdown is as much of the whole process as is actually booking flights, hotels etc. In fact, the countdown is really when things get fun around our house. It really becomes an extension of our vacation if you want to look at it that way.

Sometimes vacation plans are booked months before the actual vacation date and the time between booking the trip and actually going on the trip seems to drag on and on. If you find that to be the case, let me share with you some ideas of how to make that time before the trip more enjoyable and make it a part of the whole vacation process.

With my wife and I, it does not matter what type of trip it is; whether it is a cruise, a trip to Mexico, a Walt Disney World vacation, we find ways of counting down the days so that time seems to go by faster. In today’s smart phone world, Apple and Android have several apps available to add to your phone so you can see the days counting down no matter where you are. One of my favorites is an app for Walt Disney World vacations simply called “WDW Countdown” by PLR Concepts. It is an App found in Apple’s app store (not sure if it is available for Android phones as of yet, but I know they offer some as well).

Another way we have fun with the countdown process, especially before our Disney trips is by making a paper chain like we did in school way back in the day (and I mean way back). About 2-3 months out from our trip, we have a “chain making party” where we will sit down to make the chain and maybe throw in a Disney movie to watch as well. Then every day that passes from then until the day of the vacation includes a removing of a link to show that the time is indeed passing and the trip will soon be here.

Another idea is to start having themed dinners on the weekends relating to the type of trip you are about to go on. Maybe you booked a Caribbean cruise. If so, then you could have a “Caribbean-themed” meal and pop in some Reggae music to further set the mood of the tropics and invite some friends over to help celebrate your excitement.

Again, for those who have booked Disney trips, you can schedule a movie weekend where you pick one Disney movie to watch every Friday, Saturday or Sunday before your vacation. You can buy some Disney popcorn bowls and add more Disney magic to the evening.

Try to come up with things that get everyone in the family involved. Memories can actually be made well before the actual vacation if you and your family stop and savor every moment, even the moments leading up to the trip. I hope these ideas help and maybe make you think of some of your own. Or maybe you have some ideas you would like to share. Feel free to comment and share your countdown stories and memories.