Thursday, October 6, 2011

Making Lasting Memories

Disney’s latest theme at their parks is “Let the Memories Begin.”  That is what vacations are all about isn’t it?  Making precious and lasting memories with the ones you love?  Well...that is exactly what we did during my family’s Walt Disney World vacation this past September.  In fact, there were so many memories, I am not even sure where to begin.  
I guess I could begin with the memory of us climbing through the storm clouds as we left the Branson airport and having my arteries shocked into overdrive due to a direct hit by a lightning bolt.  Thank goodness I took along some extra personal items in my carry-on bag.  What a memory!  
Or maybe I should reflect on the memory of my wife trying to step into a van we had rented on Disney property and hearing her blurt “OUCH” as she sprained her ankle.  I certainly have the memory of her searing my brain with her eyes as she declared it was my fault that she was distracted while trying to enter the vehicle.  

Better yet, one of the greatest memories was when my dear sweet mother was given a full-body massage by several of the TSA therapists at Orlando’s International Airport.   One man who witnessed the event declared, “wow, she is a pistol packing mama!” Come on people...does she really look that threatening?
But probably the most lasting, unforgettable memories took place on day 2 of our trip.  I had already received the wrath of Kahn for my involvement in the ankle sprain incident and was further encouraged to improve later that day when I was slow at going to get ice for dear wife in order to apply to the injured area.  The lesson was so learned that I was ready to jump at the next opportunity to be at my wife’s beck and call and do what I can to make her trip more enjoyable.  I was punchy at the same time, fearful I may have a relapse and fall short in the area of superior customer service.  I was so punchy that the next morning’s most memorable event was inevitable.  My wife had graciously offered to go get her own ice while I hurried into the shower.  We were very eager to get this day (day 2) off to a better start and get to one of the parks.  Remember the lightning and the ankle sprain?  That was all on the first day and a half of our trip.  So as she left to get the ice, I jumped in the shower.  A few minutes passed and I thought I had heard a banging on our resort room door.  Blood pressure rose and so did my level of fear because I was picturing my wife standing outside our room in her PJ’s, standing on a sprained ankle and not having her room key with a similar look on her face that she had the day before.  I was not going to let her down this time so I lunged out of the shower, leaped out into our room and there she was; she was sitting quietly on the bed with her ankle propped up, ice pack applied, looking at me in pure wonderment.  And there I stood, sopping wet, butt-naked with my heart racing and eyes wide open only to hear her ask...”what on earth is wrong with you?”  That was then followed by uncontrollable laughter.  Now that is a great memory!
There they are...the most memorable moments from our big family Disney grand gathering.
What are some of your great memories from some of your past vacations?

(Seriously...we did have some other great memories not associated with pain or fear of death etc, but these just stick out for some reason)