Saturday, March 28, 2009

Freedom of the Seas December 2008 Part 2

Sorry for the delay in getting this second part written and published. I just want to take a few minutes to describe the ports of call as well as discuss the entertainment on board the Freedom of the Seas.

We visited the following ports of call:

1) San Juan Puerto Rico
2) St Thomas
3) St Marteen

I won't say much about San Juan due to how little time we had to spend in port. San Juan is loaded with historical sites and we would have loved to have had a chance to experience the culture of this beautiful place, but our cruise was delayed because of high winds and we were several hours late getting into San Juan. We barely had time to get off and take a few pictures.

So we then headed for St Thomas. St Thomas is beautiful and lush and really it is hard to put its scenery into words. We spent the day at the Ritz Carlton Resort and Spa. We both had spa treatments that we out of this world. This resort is worth a visit just to see its grounds. All I can say is...breathtaking. We ate lunch seaside at the resort before heading back to the pier. This should be a tip for anyone reading this You can do your own excursion with just a little planning and it can be some of most enjoyable times of your cruise. I had researched spas for both St Thomas and St Marteen and we made our choice based on reviews and spa treatment options.

After St Thomas...we headed to St Marteen. This is another eye-popping island and a place I hope to go back to for a land-only vacation. The shopping is famous in St Marteen and we spent some time visiting the shops and just enjoying the architecture of the Dutch side of the island. You have to ride a water taxis from where your ship docks to where the main parts of the island are. Most on our cruise headed for the famous beaches found in St Thomas...but we make it a point to relax back on the ship while others are on shore.

To be continued...

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