Monday, January 11, 2010

"Live from the Norwegian Sky Cruise Ship"

I am out somewhere in the Atlantic between Miami and Freeport (Grand Bahamas) in windy conditions. The ship is rolling a bit which may cause some issues for new cruisers, but here is a tip; buy and wear a "BioBand." They are specifically made to ease or alleviate motion sickness. I have one on now and am feeling 100% fine and have worn one on previous cruises. It is a small wristband that has a pressure point that applies pressure to a specific area on your wrist which controls your equilibrium and thereby prevents you from feeling motion sickness.

I boarded the shuttle at the hotel and was at the pier in 20 minutes and, thanks to a very smooth embarkation, was on the ship 15 minutes later. My ritual is to head to the "welcome on-board buffet" which I did. The NCL Sky's buffet restaurant is not designed well for large numbers of guests. The food stations were not marked well and the crowds were hard to navigate around so I grabbed what I could and then headed out to tour the ship. I like some of the common areas that this ship has to offer which I will touch on later in a different post.

For now...I will say that things are going well. I have been on newer ships with more updated decor, but that is not saying that this ship is not something pleasant to look at, but it is showing still some of its age. But that is to be expected with this smaller class ship and is common from cruise line to cruise line.

I will say one thing about the "Freestyle dining" here on NCL; it is nice for those who do not like the formality of other cruise lines. I waited about 5 minutes to be seated at a table and had a wonderful meal and was greeted and served promptly in the main dining room. My goal is to try one of the specialty restaurants tomorrow which carries an additional surcharge so that also means that my expectations will be much higher.

So please stay tuned. If the satellite internet connection allows...I will attempt at uploading a picture or two from each day. I am not feeling confident that the connection will be strong enough for my intended video uploads. But we will see and thanks in advance for following along with me on this journey

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