Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Live" from the NCL Sky--Day3

Hello and welcome again aboard the NCL Sky (vicariously that is). Today’s port was Nassau in the Bahamas. Some things you should know about Nassau; it is home to the famous resort, Atlantis. The resort features an aquarium, water park, lush beaches and much more for the day traveler to explore. Most cruise lines offer a couple of different excursion options for those interested in visiting Atlantis while in port. In Nassau...I DO recommend going through the cruise line for your excursion option, especially for those cruising for the very first time. If you are an experienced cruiser, you also know that the same excursions can be found at a lower cost from reputable vendors, but you have to know what you are doing and have to do your research. Nassau is a busy port city with lots of traffic and people/vendors urging you to buy what they are selling. Be careful when visiting this port and be vigilant if you plan to simply walk about the town and take in the sites near the port.

Nassau, by far, is my least favorite port of call in the Bahamas and the Caribbean. I basically got off the ship for about an hour, took some pictures of the area and also of the ships in port and hopped back on board to enjoy a serene afternoon on the ship.

Since the buffet area on the NCL Sky is so small, it is nice to actually eat lunch there when in port since most passengers are off the ship on some form of excursion.

I want to end this post on a very positive note...I will say that this cruise has offered some of the best music I have heard so far at sea. I will mention 2 of them. First you have to take time to locate a man by the name of Ariel Jacobe who puts on a show called “The Frank Sinatra Tribute.” He sounds exactly like “old blue eyes” and puts on a wonderful show. The other musician is a guy named Bruce Crichton. He is a guitarist and vocalist and is top notch. He plays in a variety of the venues here aboard the NCL Sky. I have thoroughly enjoyed finding and listening to both of them and recommend that you do the same.

Ok...I am actually typing this on my 4th day while we are anchored here at NCL’s private island called “Great Stirrup Cay” and I need to sign off and go get in line for the tender boat to get ashore for the day and enjoy some sand under my toes and palm trees swaying above me.


Anonymous said...

Bruce Crichton... pretty amazing huh?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for enjoying and writing about BRUCE CRICHTON! He is an amazingly talent as you discovered! I am lucky to be his brother and he is an inspiration. Thank you again! John Crichton, Hilton Head Island, SC said...

Thanks for commenting and also for giving me his last name. I was disappointed that the ship's daily itinerary did not. His shows were a highlight of the cruise and hope others take the time to find out where he is playing onboard and go listen. Great stuff!

norwegian sky said...

Atlantis is probably the only destination there . But its worse it. Amazing