Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Disney's "Give a Day, Get a Day" Promo

Several months ago I had conducted a short survey to see what travelers thought about Disney's latest promotion, "Give a Day, Get a Day." Disney had announced that you could receive 1 free day in one of their parks if you were able to volunteer at one of their sanctioned events held around the Country.

I was curious to see how many actually would take advantage of that promotion. My initial reaction, personally, was that it was a great customer relations promo for Disney, but that the average traveler would not be able to take advantage of getting their "one day free" due to their distance from a park or the cost in getting to the park just to get one day free.

The results were as I thought. Over 69% said that the promo would not increase their chances of visiting a Disney park in 2010. 85% of the responders said that they would not travel to Walt Disney World just for one day free in a park.

So now that we are half way into 2010...I am still curious to see how many might have participated in the "Give a Day, Get a Day" promo. I am curious to see if the numbers might have been better than expected and you were able to volunteer and go to one of the parks to take advantage of a day free. Please take the short poll aimed at gathering that information.

What are your thoughts now concerning this promo? Great for Disney and their guests? Or maybe great for Disney, but not as great as you thought it might be for guests? Let me know your opinion..


writerchick47 said...

You are spot-on correct as to why this isn't the motivator Disney was hoping for. I'm sure if you live in the vicinity and travel/lodging costs weren't an issue, it would be a draw. But driving 20 hrs (in my case) or spending $500 on airfare for ONE day, just does not make economic sense. In all honesty, even 2-3 days free wouldn't make it appealing. The Disney experience is SUCH an expensive undertaking (food, gift shops, etc) I'm not sure I'd ever do it again. Now, offer me a 3-7 day Disney cruise w/family for participating...and I'm interested.

writerchick47 said...

Oh and Bryan, you're wrong. You're an AWESOME writer! :)