Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Princess Cruise 2010--A Summary

You know you either had a great vacation or a really bad vacation when you find yourself sitting and reflecting on all the different things you did on your trip days and even weeks after the vacation is over. Well…I have already stated that our vacation with Princess Cruise Lines was a GREAT vacation and I still find myself pondering all of the great things we were able to experience. Some of the things I have continued to think about even include more of the “pros” that the Emerald Princess has to offer and Princess Cruise Lines in general.

My previous two posts did not mention some of them that I feel should be pointed out before I leave the subject entirely. In fact, I can’t believe I had forgot to mention this one in Part 1. Those of you who have cruised before with other cruise lines know that, in most cases, you cannot access your stateroom on the day of embarkation until sometime after 1:30 or 2:00PM. That means that, if you board the ship before that time, you have to carry some of your carry-on luggage with you as you go to the “welcome aboard” buffet or as you tour the ship. It can be quite a burden if you were one of those who probably packed too much in your carry-on. With Princess we were able to get into our stateroom as soon as we boarded which was just a little past 12:00PM. This may seem small to some of you who have never cruised before, but trust me, it is a big deal for those of us who have waited in some cases until 2:30PM before we were allowed into our staterooms. So again…thumbs up Princess.

The last pro I will mention is another one that I am mad at myself for overlooking in the previous posts. Again, for those of you who have at least one cruise under your belt, most likely you were directed to a check-in line at the cruise terminal where you either waited in the general boarding line or you were lucky enough to be in one of the “frequent cruiser” or suite passenger line. I am a fan of how Princess breaks the lines up into deck categories. So, for example if you are on the Plaza Deck, you only have to go wait in the line designated for that deck. That makes it easier for the personnel as well since the stateroom keys are already broken down by deck and placed near that line. I know…you are probably thinking that I am really getting too detailed, but trust me, those little things can make the whole process go much smoother and can get your vacation off to a great start.

So with all of this said…I will leave you with a video showing the pictures and visuals of why I say that our vacation was one of the best ones we have had so far. Please leave comments, questions, opinions etc.

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